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30 days for $30!

Yoga can strengthen your body and calm your mind – and at Emerald Yoga, you can get to know yoga in a beautiful studio with a fun, nonjudgmental community! NEW Emerald Yoga students get the first month of UNLIMITED classes for only $30! You can purchase this special any day in August. We have four Yoga Basics beginner classes every week, as well as a Gentle Flow class great for beginners. And if you are a more experienced yogi, we have lots of moderate and strong classes for you to choose from. Your 30 days begins the first day you come in for class — but this special is only available to purchase in August, so don’t wait! This special is for new students only, available ONLY on your FIRST VISIT to the studio! All classes are drop-in; no need to pre-register for individual classes, so come whenever it’s convenient for you! Yoga WILL change your life. Try it at Emerald Yoga and find out! 30 DAYS FOR $30! Click here

Chakra Summer Camp (for Adults!)

I (Jennifer!)  have been SO wanting to go in depth with the chakras with you guys and here it is! Here it is! Yay!

I have been studying the chakras for years, and also modalities that support the chakra system, including crystal healing, aromatherapy, yoga, meditation, and creativity. I am thrilled to be able to combine this all in an amazing three-part yoga series — Chakra Summer Camp — that will allow you to heal and activate the chakras and the physical and emotional states they affect.


I will be collaborating with instructor Alicia Williams, who is as in love with the chakras I as am!
If all three dates and times don’t work for you, you are absolutely welcome to come to just one or two of the workshops. Each workshop will be self contained so you can come to one or two and still get the full benefits of the one or two without attending the others.
But, of course, I encourage coming to all three to get the full Chakra Summer Camp experience!
What you will receive at each workshop:
Three hours of fun time in a supportive environment … yoga, meditating, coloring, writing, creating, and more. (Just because we are adults, doesn’t mean we can’t have some summer camp fun!)
A roll-on bottle of essential oil blend for the activation of each chakra — so if you come to all three workshops, you will leave with seven fragrances!
A crystal for the balance of each chakra and instructions how to use it. So if you come to all three workshops, you will leave with seven crystals!
One workbook for each workshop, covering the chakras of the day, including yoga sequences, meditation, and activities for awakening each chakra.So if you come to all three workshops, you will leave with three workbooks covering all seven chakras.
Alicia and I are working so hard on this, so you can expect even more!
The first workshop, The Earthly Chakras, will cover the “mundane”, or earthly lower three chakras, which are your root chakra, your sacral chakra, and your solar plexus chakra.
The second workshop, The Spiritual Chakras, will cover the upper three chakras, including your throat chakra, your third eye chakra, and your crown chakra.
The third workshop, The Heart Bridge, will cover the heart chakra, the “bridge” between the three earthly and three spiritual chakras.
The Earthly Chakras: Sunday, July 23
The Spiritual Chakras: Sunday, Aug. 6
The Heart Bridge: Sunday, Aug. 27
Time: 4-7pm each date
Investment: $49 for one workshop; $125 if you purchase all three workshops ahead of time!
In order to have enough take-home goodies and workbooks for everyone, we need you to pre-register for this workshop. Please pre-register by July 16 if you are coming to all three or just the first workshop, pre-register by July 30 if you are just coming to the second workshop, and pre-register by Aug. 20 if you are just coming to the third.
Please register for one, two, or all three workshops here:
You can also sign up at the studio, or by emailing jennifer@emeraldyoga.com or calling 781-826-9624.

Heavy Metal Yoga Pop-Up Class July 28!

Special surprise one-time class!

We will use the high energy of heavy metal and hard rock music to release pent up emotions with a focus on releasing anger through music and movement. Class will be a combination of traditional yoga and Kundalini. Come join the fun. All levels welcome!

Dates: Friday, July 28
Time: 6-7:15pm
Investment: $20, $18 for Jewel members

Please register here:


You can also register by emailing jennifer@emeraldyoga.com or calling 781-826-9624, or you can register at the studio.


Voluptuous Women Yoga:

6-Week Beginners’ Series Starts Aug. 15!

Are you a VW? VWs are known for their GREAT curves! “Voluptuous Women” might be the yoga class for you! Not all VWs fit into all traditional yoga positions, so in this special beginners’ yoga class series, there will be a bit more time to explore poses and modifications. VW is a women-only class so you can feel safe and supported!

VW is an intro-to-yoga class, perfect if you are new to yoga or have just a little experience. VW will explore the same poses in each class, so you get a chance to observe your progress in strength, flexibility, breath, and general well-being. Voluptuous Women is a six-week workshop created and taught by Heather Burpee-Armstrong at Emerald Yoga.
Investment is $70: Includes six weekly classes. Get $10 off when you re-sign up from a previous session or if you register with a friend! Class will be held Tuesdays 7-8;15pm beginning Aug. 15. Please register by emailing Jennifer@emeraldyoga.com or calling 781-826-9624. Payment due at time of registration to hold your spot in this VERY popular class. Please note: There are no drop-ins for this class; to join, you must sign up for the six-week session.


Warrior Princess Training for Girls 9-12

Monday afternoons starting again soon!

Warrior Princess Training is an eight-week workshop for girls 9-12 and it is a weekly power party! Through yoga, meditation, mantras, a little fusion martial arts, and more, we will grow self-esteem, positive body image, and confidence! Become a warrior princess, able to move through daily problems mindfully and peacefully, and tame hurtful dragons. Meet new friends! Learn fun poses!

Investment is $65: Includes eight weekly 60-minute classes. Class will be held Mondays, 4-5pm, beginning date to be announced. Please register by emailing Jennifer@emeraldyoga.com or calling 781-826-9624. We will need the student’s full name, age, address, phone number, and email. Payment due by first class.



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