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30 days for $30!

Yoga can strengthen your body and calm your mind – and at Emerald Yoga, you can get to know yoga in a beautiful studio with a fun, nonjudgmental community! NEW Emerald Yoga students get the first month of UNLIMITED classes for only $30! You can purchase this special any day in June. We have four Yoga Basics beginner classes every week, as well as a Gentle Flow class great for beginners. And if you are a more experienced yogi, we have lots of moderate and strong classes for you to choose from. Your 30 days begins the first day you come in for class — but this special is only available to purchase in June, so don’t wait! This special is for new students only, available ONLY on your FIRST VISIT to the studio! All classes are drop-in; no need to pre-register for individual classes, so come whenever it’s convenient for you! Yoga WILL change your life. Try it at Emerald Yoga and find out! 30 DAYS FOR $30! Click here

Love Your Back Again Workshop

“Oh, my back!”

Sound familiar? Is your back sore when you get up in the morning? Is your posture dismal from hunching over your laptop and sitting in the car? Ouch.

The Love Your Back Again Workshop WILL help you.

Erin Florek, RYT-200, knows about the body. Not only is she a graduate of Emerald’s teacher training, but she is an occupational therapist. In this workshop, she will focus on causes of back pain and how yoga can help you feel better and move easier. She will move you through stretching, strengthening, and core work, and show you modifications that will assist you. You’ll leave this class with so much knowledge and takeaways so you can practice at home!

ALL levels of yogis are welcome in this workshop — even absolute beginners.  

Date: Saturday, June 10
Time: 12-2pm
Investment: $30 ($25 for Jewel members!)

Please RSVP! You can sign up at the studio, or by emailing jennifer@emeraldyoga.com or calling 781-826-9624.

108 Sun Salutations (for Animals!) on the Solstice

We are so happy to announce that this month, Emerald is once again doing the traditional yoga 108 Sun Salutations at the Solstice.

There will be a $15 minimum donation for this event for everyone, and 100% will go to the beautiful animals at Friends of the Plymouth Pound, where I volunteer once a week! The adoption center ia always so very grateful for every penny donated. They really need it.

If you’ve done this practice with us, you know how powerful it is! If you’ve never done 108 Sun Salutations with us, here is how it goes:

* The practice is done in silence, so that it becomes a beautiful, sacred moving meditation.

* The sun salutations are ALL basic sun A: Mountain, sweep arms up, forward fold, halfway lift, forward fold, plank, low plank (or knees-chest-chin), upward-facing dog, downward facing dog, forward fold, halfway lift, forward fold, sweep arms to standing, mountain pose. That is one basic sun salutation.

* We do nine sets of 12 sun salutations, with an extended resting child’s pose in between each set. We ask that students take turns coming up front and leading a set of sun sals. You don’t have to talk or teach; it’s just so that someone is always keeping the pace and it’s not just one instructor doing it all! You don’t have to lead, but we really encourage it because it’s really fun to do!

* We will count for you. Really, don’t even try to count. It’s just too hard and it takes you out of the practice. We will just silently keep track. But don’t ask halfway through how many we did or how many are left. That, we won’t tell you. Just don’t worry about it. 🙂
* Just do what you can! Go to 40 or 60 or whatever, and then put your legs up the wall for the rest of class. Or do every other set of 12. Or do them all. Modify or don’t.
* The whole practice takes about 75-90 minutes. This isn’t a nine-hour marathon. Really; you’ll be surprised.
Instructor Erin Florek will lead the event this year, and she is SO excited to have you join her!
Please come, whatever your yoga experience. This is such a calming, challenging, and deep experience.
Date: Wednesday, June 21
Time: 6:30pm (This will take the place of the 6:30 Flow class just this once!)
Investment: $15 minimum donation

Voluptuous Women Yoga:

6-Week Beginners’ Series Starts in May

Are you a VW? VWs are known for their GREAT curves! “Voluptuous Women” might be the yoga class for you! Not all VWs fit into all traditional yoga positions, so in this special beginners’ yoga class series, there will be a bit more time to explore poses and modifications. VW is a women-only class so you can feel safe and supported!

VW is an intro-to-yoga class, perfect if you are new to yoga or have just a little experience. VW will explore the same poses in each class, so you get a chance to observe your progress in strength, flexibility, breath, and general well-being. Voluptuous Women is a six-week workshop created and taught by Heather Burpee-Armstrong at Emerald Yoga.
Investment is $70: Includes six weekly classes. Get $10 off when you re-sign up from a previous session or if you register with a friend! Class will be held Tuesdays 7-8;15pm beginning May 16, and Wednesdays 5-6:15pm beginning May 17. Please register by emailing Jennifer@emeraldyoga.com or calling 781-826-9624. Payment due at time of registration to hold your spot in this VERY popular class. Please note: There are no drop-ins for this class; to join, you must sign up for the six-week session.


Warrior Princess Training for Girls 9-12

Monday afternoons starting May 8!

Warrior Princess Training is an eight-week workshop for girls 9-12 and it is a weekly power party! Through yoga, meditation, mantras, a little fusion martial arts, and more, we will grow self-esteem, positive body image, and confidence! Become a warrior princess, able to move through daily problems mindfully and peacefully, and tame hurtful dragons. Meet new friends! Learn fun poses!

Investment is $65: Includes eight weekly 60-minute classes. Class will be held Mondays, 4-5pm, beginning May 8. Please register by emailing Jennifer@emeraldyoga.com or calling 781-826-9624. We will need the student’s full name, age, address, phone number, and email. Payment due by first class.



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