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Find your sacred space as a yoga instructor

Emerald Yoga Studio 200-Hour Teacher Training

If yoga has changed your life, here’s your opportunity to change the lives of others.

What’s it all about?

This 200-hour Yoga Alliance-approved curriculum will train you to be an effective, knowledgeable, happy yoga teacher!

02-YA-SCHOOL-RYS-200* You will learn how to build yoga asana (poses) from the ground up, and how to do it safely.
* You will learn yoga philosophy, including the Yoga Sutras, and have a chance to explore the chakra system and Ayurveda, yoga’s sister science.
* You will learn the body and how it does what it does on the yoga mat — through anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology.
* You will learn how to hands-on assist your students, and how to sequence interesting and fun classes.
* You will learn to find your unique teaching voice!

What makes Emerald Yoga Studio’s Teacher Training the best 200-hour program around?

1) You’ll have an AMAZING foundation to teach any kind of yoga! Though Emerald Yoga Studio teaches mostly vinyasa style yoga, the training you receive will be an excellent foundation to go on to teach dynamic yang-style classes or restorative yin-style classes, from beginners to experienced yogis, and special populations such as seniors, pregnant women, and kids.

2) Business training. We will not only teach you how to be a competent and confident yoga teacher, but we will help you get your yoga teaching business up and running. We want you out there making a difference in the world as soon as you are capable, so we show you how to find — and, more importantly, how to CREATE — teaching opportunities. As far as we know, no other local RYT200-hour training gives you this help. Many of our trainees have had teaching gigs lined up even before graduation. And after you graduate, we stay with you as a mentor.

3) Exploration of the yoga lifestyle. We will offer you a relaxed setting in which to experience new ideas. Philosophical talk! Vegetarian cooking class!

4) One-on-one preparation for student teaching. We won’t throw you out in front of a bunch of paying customers and expect you to be perfect. We will go over your first lesson plan with you and tweak it until you feel great about it, so you can get in front of a class and shine.

5) We give students an appreciation of how all bodies are different, and there should be no rigidity in teaching yoga. Everyone’s alignment, range of motion, body type, age, and strength are different, and we train you to teach without a one-size-fits-all mentality.

6) We teach you how to creatively and uniquely sequence your OWN classes. You won’t be given sequences to memorize and parrot. Instead, you’ll learn how to put together sequences that flow and satisfy the wants AND needs of your particular student group, and sequences that reflect your personality and love of yoga.

IMG_1480“When I signed up for teacher training, I had no intention to become a yoga teacher. 

When we began, I told myself that I was taking the course for myself, simply to advance my own practice. It was a hearty safety net for a girl who was horrified to stand in front of a class in college. During introductions on the first day of training, I found that many of my classmates had said the same thing. Sometimes it’s hard to see an end result when the goal is seemingly so far away. 

It only took a few weeks for perspectives to change. [Emerald] YTT was just what we needed. … They took a huge body of information and taught with gentle, incremental steps. Every bit of teaching built upon the last, so much so that I almost didn’t realize until months in how much I had learned, and how much my confidence was growing. [Teacher training] taught me things about myself that it might have taken years to learn on my own. Yoga is transformation. 

I am ecstatic that I am now teaching five classes a week and have found my own personal career path. Though even if I hadn’t taken the training to become a yoga teacher, what I gained in personal growth and for the ways my yoga practice has deepened, the 200-hour training would have more than paid for itself. 

If it’s speaking to you, I highly encourage you to jump.”

— Maggie MacDonald, 2014 Emerald Teacher Training graduate


“I have loved yoga since I started about four years ago and always said, ‘Man, that’s a job I would love,’ but never did I really think it was something I could actually do!

This program is set up in a way that you can’t help but have fun as you learn, while feeling supported and encouraged. I am such a hands-on learner and I learn by doing! I feel like everything we did was hands-on and repetition, which was perfect for learning, while still having everything in writing and having the resources we needed to refer back to. Getting to work with, and on, one another was definitely crucial to my learning and comfort level with working with real people!! Especially with the anatomy and adjustment portions of class!!

I appreciate so much that we were guided to learn all the basics and important information about teaching, while still being encouraged to be creative and be ourselves! Jen’s support and calming demeanor was exactly what I needed when it came time to do my student teaching classes. The time and effort she put into each of our classes to set us up for success was amazing!

I never thought I would have two teaching offers already before even having my certificate in hand! … It was that first class I taught where I realized exactly how prepared [this training] made me. I’m so ready for this! Many, many thanks!!”

— Erin Florek, 2017 Emerald Teacher Training graduate


“Wow. What an absolutely incredible experience. When yoga teacher training presented itself to me one afternoon on the beach with my mother, it wasn’t even something I had considered. For whatever reason, the universe sent it to me at that exact moment and I knew I had to listen. Flash forward eight months later and my life has changed. I never expected to discover so much and learn as much about myself as I have. Not only do I feel closer to my practice but I feel closer and more connected to everyone around me. No one has the time or the money but investing in myself through this program and Jen’s leadership has been the absolute best thing I could have ever done.”

— Gabrielle Perfetuo, 2017 Emerald Teacher Training graduate


“Holy moly!!!! At the age of 48, I first began taking yoga at the suggestion of my therapist to help with my anxiety and eating disorder. When Jennifer presented me with the opportunity to enroll in the non-certification training program, I thought, hmm, this might be for me … boy, was I right. You will not only learn so much about yoga, but most importantly you will learn about yourself. You will grow, become more confident, and you will be able to share your love for yoga.

Jennifer delivers this program with such knowledge, professionalism, compassion, and ease, with no judgment or pressure. She encourages you, challenges you, but most importantly she supports you and truly cares about your success. Even if you’re not planning on becoming a yoga teacher but simply want to deepen your personal yoga practice, don’t hesitate — just do it! Things align perfectly if you just trust.

— Kristen Gokey, 2018 Emerald Teacher Traning graduate


When is the training?

Resized952016103095163738The next training date will begin March 16, 2018, meeting Fridays 6-9pm, with 8 weekend day intensives.

How much is the training?

This training has TWO separate tracks:

  • Certification track: This is the Yoga-Alliance approved curriculum, including all the practicum requirements for certification. Upon completion, you will receive your certification, which Yoga Alliance requires for their RYT-200 teaching certification.
  • Non-certification track: This is ideal for students who want to intensify their personal yoga practice with deep training but don’t have the goal of teaching. You will have access to all the classes and intensives, but completion of teaching requirements/practicum aren’t necessary. (Note: Your hours will be recorded, so if you decide within two years to complete your certification, you can do so at a later training session. Kindly also note that these hours are not transferable to other studios’ certification programs; only Emerald’s.)

Resized952016103095170514For the certification track, the total cost of the training is $2,800 (course materials are purchased separately for an approximate cost of $150).

Option 1: $600 deposit + $150 for materials upon our receipt of your application, then a monthly cost of $315 per month for seven months, due on the 15th of the month.

Option 2: $600 deposit + $150 for materials upon our receipt of your application, then $2,050 paid in full by program start date (this will give you a discounted training price of $2,650!)

For the non-certification track, the total cost of the training is $1,950 (course materials are purchased separately for an approximate cost of $150)

Option 1: $600 deposit + $150 for materials upon our receipt of your application, then a monthly cost of $193 per month for seven months, due on the 15th of the month.

Option 2: $600 deposit + $150 for materials upon our receipt of your application, then $1,250 paid in full by program start date (this will give you a discounted training price of $1,850!)

If you decide within two years of your program’s start date to finish your hours/requirements at Emerald for certification, there will be an additional fee at that time of $1,050.

There is a cancellation policy, the details of which will be on the application.



“I can’t even begin to explain how much I learned during this time, and the lessons go way beyond just learning how to teach yoga. Thank you , Jennifer Safrey, for such an amazing experience. I spent a lot of time debating whether or not yoga teacher training was right for me and you were the one who took my hand and yelled “JUMP!”, and I’m sure glad you did. I highly recommend this program to any of my South Shore yogi friends who are thinking about teacher training.”

— Kerry Clark, 2017 Emerald Yoga Teacher Training graduate 


“Several months into the training I had several people tell me I had changed; they could see I was happier and calmer and I felt happier and calmer. It was a joy to see myself and my classmates transform from timid, unsure students to brave, confident yoga teachers. I enjoyed everything about the training from the curriculum, to the space, to the camaraderie of the students. This training and these teachers changed my life for the better. I would recommend the training to anyone who wants a deeper knowledge of yoga.”

— Deb LeRoy, 2014 Emerald Yoga Teacher Training graduate


“Yoga Teacher Training at Emerald Yoga Studio was the best decision I have ever made. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience or a more qualified lead teacher. Jen helped me grow into an educated and confident yoga instructor and I’ll forever be grateful. I started training as a shy and unsure individual and really found myself throughout the whole program. Jen provided us with more knowledge than I could ever imagine possible in a professional and comfortable environment. I am the Yogi I am today because of her and her training. I highly recommend it to anyone!”

— Alicia Williams, 2017 Emerald Yoga Teacher Training graduate


“I highly recommend this program to anyone who is even thinking about learning more about yoga or maybe wants to teach some day. It was the best investment that I made. I have learned so much about myself and yoga and others throughout the process. To be able to share something that I love so much with the community is humbling and exciting.

Jen is smart, talented, funny, and very down to earth. She is a really great human being who happens to be a wonderful yoga teacher and mentor. This program far exceeded my expectations on every level. Jen taught most of the sections in the program, but called in experts for a few sessions and even those teachers were exceptional. The training wasn’t just about yoga poses. It included anatomy and physiology, different styles of yoga (there are a ton) and meridian points and chakra energy, business training, and even a cooking class … 

I realize I still have so much to learn and share and grow with yoga as this is a continuous process, but even before completing this program, I felt so prepared and have been enjoying teaching yoga very much. Thanks to Jen for giving me the confidence and the skills to get this going. Fun at times, challenging at times; overall an experience I will hold so close to my heart, always. Thank you!”

— Deirdre Couchon, 2017 Emerald Yoga Teacher Training graduate


“I never expected to be where I am now eight short months ago when I walked into my first day of YTT training. Eight new faces, all looking way more experienced and yogish than I felt. It helped to have my daughter Gabrielle with me and we were excited to embark on this journey together but nothing could have prepared me for what changes in my life would happen as I was exposed to the history, the people, the body, the mind, the true essence of having a yoga practice. Jennifer took us all down the path of enlightenment with each class topic and weekend intensive. I discovered many things about myself that I’d suspected were there, and some that surprised me. Educating yourself about anything new is powerful and makes you thirsty for more. I don’t feel that I have completed training. It was 200+ hours of time well spent that never felt like work. Thank you to all the fabulous ladies who will forever be in my heart! Thank you, Jen, for making it seem effortless and enjoyable! 500-hour training next??” [Note from Jen: YES. Stay tuned.]

— Ellen Perfetuo, 2017 Emerald Yoga Teacher Training graduate


“As I near the end of Jen’s yoga teacher training program, I often find myself reflecting upon the depth of experience I have experienced in the last eight months. Jen’s well-crafted program not only reveals all aspects of yoga, but it also provides a vehicle for personal growth. Most outstanding, I find, is the safe and nurturing environment that Jen provides for all learning and unfolding of self to occur. I feel prepared and confident to now go out and do what I have longed to do: share my deep love and respect for yoga as a teacher. I am ever grateful for having found Jen’s yoga teacher training program at Emerald Yoga Studio! Namaste.”

— Rachel Nameika, 2018 Emerald Yoga Teacher Training graduate


Here is your chance to make a difference in the world — to help transform lives! For more information or to request an application, please call Emerald Yoga Studio at 781-826-9624.

Emerald Yoga Studio 200-Hour Teacher Training is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School (RYS).