Storm-stuck indoors? Yogi things to do.

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Big storm coming, and many of us will be house-bound. Here are six creative ways for a mindful yogi to ride out the storm at home:

1) Rearrange your furniture. Your worldview is going to be rather limited for a day or two, so why not shake things up and move things around? Put this couch over there, put that table over here. Then sit in the space for a while and see how it feels. See if your energy is opened up, or if you feel too cramped. The best thing about this project is that it is fun and low risk–if you don’t like it, you can just move it all back to the way it was. And it won’t even have been a waste of time…the best way to cultivate gratitude for something is to be without it for a while.

2) Meditate. Hey, you’ve got nowhere to go. Sit quietly with a straight spine and relaxed hands, close your eyes, and start to watch your breath. Just think “inhale” as you inhale, and think “exhale” as you exhale. If your mind wanders far too much, use Google to find a good guided meditation. Maybe you’ll meditate so deeply you’ll fall asleep, and that will be wonderful!

3) Color or paint. Gray skies and rain are outside your window, so brighten up your inside. Grab your child’s coloring book and crayons or markers, or maybe try your hand at a little watercolor on whatever paper you have lying around. Don’t think too hard. Let yourself be playful. Mix colors in unusual ways. Color outside the lines. Let your mind be free to think about anything as you move your hand.

4) Organize your drawers. Bathroom drawers full of makeup, sock drawers full of mismatches, desk drawers full of pencils and Post-Its. You’ve got time now, so pull it all out. Throw out what you don’t need. Move your favorite lipsticks or ballpoint pens to the front of the drawers. You can’t control the weather, but you can clear out your junk piles and free up lots of stuck energy!

5) Go through your phone book or contact lists and find a friend you have been meaning for ages to get in touch with, and write them a real letter on real stationery. Put a stamp on it and put it by the door. Mail it when the sun comes out.

6) One last thing…to be done at night when you have no power: practice your favorite yoga balancing pose in the dark! Roll out your mat, ground yourself in tadasana (mountain pose) by standing straight and tall, pressing into both feet and lifting out the crown of your head to the ceiling. Take a deep breath, put all your weight into your right foot, and lift your left foot into tree pose, or dancer pose, or airplane pose, or any other balance you like. Wobble and smile.

Wherever you are for the storm, please be careful. Take all the necessary precautions, keep an eye on the news, and stay safe and yogi calm.

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