Jennifer’s Offerings

Special selections just for you.

Transformational Life Coaching with Jennifer

Emerald Yoga owner Jennifer Safrey would love to work with you OFF the yoga mat as your transformational life coach!

Jennifer can help if you want to:

* Let go of your limiting beliefs so you have more choices in your life than ever before

* Change your self-destructive patterns that keep you in the same old story

* Get unstuck from emotional quicksand

* Move with support through a transitional phase

* Create lasting change in your life

Jennifer believes in you, because if she can transform her life from constant crisis management to peace in the present moment, you can. Let her work with you as your life coach, and you’ll have your biggest cheerleader on speed dial. She will listen without judgment, support you without pressure, and give you the skills and knowledge you need to create that lasting change

As part of your coaching package with Jennifer, you will get:

* Weekly one-hour meeting (in person or by phone)

* Mid-week 15-minute check-in call with personalized meditation

* Weekly personalized yoga sequence

* Bonus one-hour floating session to be used anytime before ending your coaching contract

* Unlimited email support

If you’d like to have a FREE 30-minute Discovery Session to see if Jennifer’s coaching is right for you, give her a call at 781-826-9624 or email her at! Worst that can happen: you and Jen have a fun little chat. Best that can happen: you can get motivated to make a difference for yourself!


 “May Cause Miracles” Six-Week Group Transformation Program

Interested in a group program of personal transformation? Jen’s got you covered!

“May Cause Miracles” is a six-week program where we work on 40 days of transformation — specifically transforming fear into love in all areas of your life, including self-perception, body image, finances, and relationships. The program is based on the book May Cause Miracles by Gabby Bernstein (which in turn is based on A Course in Miracles) and Jennifer was certified by Bernstein to lead this course.

You’ll be working for a short time every day making small right actions that will guide you to heal your fear-based perceptions of the world and your self. Many people feel stuck when trying to create lasting change, so the group keeps us motivated, keeps us company, and keeps on on track. The group meets weekly for six weeks for 75 minutes to share and meditate and explore. Each group has its own private Facebook page for discussion, and Jennifer posts daily encouragement there. When you register, you receive a copy of the book and a special goody bag (which Jennifer is kind of known for).

Intrigued but not sure? Here’s what happy participants have to say about May Cause Miracles at Emerald:

MCM was absolutely what I needed to bring clarity and light to my daily life. Anyone can benefit from this course if they are willing to take the time to reflect on and practice the guided principles  outlined in the book. Jen made it fun while nurturing a safe, relaxed, and loving environment. I’m so glad I made time for myself to attend these sessions because I now have a more positive, loving, miracle-minded outlook on life! Thank you to Jen and the wonderful people I met in our group.— M.B.

I learned and grew from the experience.— D.B.

May Cause Miracles is amazing and powerful, a healing practice for your body and soul. When I first read about this program I was hesitant to join as I was afraid I wouldn’t ‘get it’. You will ‘get it’ if you are willing to open up your heart, mind, and soul. I began this program with the hope that I would learn more about myself. I ended up learning more than I could have ever imagined. Give it time; it will change your life for the better. We all deserve to be happy.— K.G.

“The May Cause Miracles course was a wonderful experience and gave me the tools I needed to deal with life in a peaceful and loving manner. Each week we worked on something new and exciting. I met beautiful people and Jennifer was an outstanding teacher and guide. I am so happy I took this course; it has helped my heart and soul.” — Z.H.

“The May Cause Miracles program really transforms every aspect of your life, beginning with the way you think. Starting in the morning with a positive message to yourself makes every day better. While you can’t change what others do, you can change your response, and this program provides the tools to do that. From body image to your relationships with others, each day is a tiny step toward big change. You will learn a lot about yourself and what you want to improve. Jen is a great leader and provides positive support. Her honesty, candor, and humor bring just the right lighthearted tone to the program. I am ready to go through the program again!” — C.C.


Ready to take the leap? Email or call 781-826-9624 to find out when our next session begins!



I am passionate about connecting my friends at Emerald Yoga with items and services that will make your life better. Here, you can find links to the things that bring some joy into my life, and I think they’ll do the same for you.

Stinky Yogi

I am a huge fan of aromatherapy on the yoga mat and off but so many aromatherapy oil companies these days are direct sales companies and I don’t trust their integrity. This company, however, was created by a yoga teacher and the blends are beautiful. “Inspired by the chakras with a modern twist, our unique blends are made by yogis with love in Northwest Pennsylvania using pure, therapeutic grade essential oils.” Use the code STINKY45 to get 5% off your order.


Kimberly Wilson, one of my yoga and business mentors, has created this beautiful clothing line made of sustainable bamboo. The line is mix-and-match, with so many versatile pieces that you can wear so many different ways. I’m sure you’ve seen me wear many of these items on and off the yoga mat, and I have some items that have lasted for years. They are sooo soft! They come in trendy colors and are great to pack for travel. There’s a new collection twice a year and Kimberly knows I am SO there when a new line comes out. Use this link to check it out, and treat yourself to something awesome.