Class Descriptions

A class for every yogi and yogini.


Vinyasa flow yoga works with flowing sequences of postures (asanas) linked with the breath.



Yoga Basics
Beginner class; all levels welcome. This class is intended to help you get your body familiar with yoga movement and terminology. Students are given lots of instruction on alignment and use of props. Experienced students are also welcome to join for a refresher on the basics. In the colder months, try our Candlelight version of this class for extra bliss!

All levels. Our Flow class — Emerald’s favorite for all levels! — is a moderate flow that will strengthen, stretch, tone and relax your entire body. Work to deepen your body’s understanding of familiar poses, and challenge yourself (and have fun!) with some different asanas. Pranayama (breathing exercises) will open each class, and we close with deep relaxation and meditation. There’s a little bit of everything in this well-rounded class.

Get Strong Flow
All levels. This is NOT an advanced-only class! This is a class for you if you want to GET stronger than you are, in a happy, supportive class where we encourage you to challenge yourself at your own pace. Get Strong Flow emphasizes movement over posing, allowing you to get into every part of your own body the way YOU want to. Create your own experience on your mat, and move with ease and laughter. Get stronger in mind AND body.

Soulful Sundays Gentle Flow

All levels. Slow, restorative flow. We will help you stretch and relax your body and calm your mind with relaxed pose sequences, breathing exercises, and guided meditations. Perfect for beginners! Also great for experienced yogis who need a chill-out session, and for students coming back from illness or injury.

Monthly Mixation

All levels. This Tuesday evening class will have a new theme every month! Become a regular in this class and give yourself the opportunity to explore all the variety yoga has to offer for your body and soul. There will be a flow of poses with a specific focus, followed by restorative poses to further enhance the experience. August’s Mixation theme is INVERSIONS!

Ashtanga-Inspired Flow

All levels. This class flows poses and sun salutations that are familiar to a vinyasa class, but inspired by the tradition of the Ashtanga Primary Series as created by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. The primary series poses are the same, edited slightly to keep the class at 75 minutes. It’s a strong practice, but everyone is encouraged to go at their own pace!

Core Curriculum
All levels. This 30-minute express class targets your core, which will help keep you healthy (especially your back!). We will work on upper and lower abdominals, obliques, lower back, and more! We will begin with a warm-up and end with a relaxation so you can make this the one short and complete yoga experience of your day, or you can use this class as a warm-up for the class that follows for a longer yoga session.

Peace, Love, and Cookies: FREE Meditation Mondays

image3Join Emerald Yoga owner and spiritual coach Jennifer every Monday evening at 8pm for guided meditation and relaxation. No yoga or meditation experience is required. Each week, she’ll guide you through a few different meditations to explore the mind and spirit. Wear comfortable clothes. (If you wear pajamas, we won’t tell. What happens at Emerald stays at Emerald.) We will be sitting on yoga mats but if you have a pillow or meditation cushion you’d like to bring, please do! We will do a few different short exercises each Meditation Monday, for a total of about 45 minutes. We will serve tea and cookies at the end, to get you nice and grounded before you leave.



Get Fit Where You Sit Chair Yoga

Get Fit Where You Sit Chair Yoga is for you if you are any of the following: elderly; disabled; pregnant; recovering from injury, illness, or surgery; overweight; sitting at a desk all day; or suffering from fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, or chronic pain. Kathy Burke-Southworth, LVCYT, a 2015 Emerald Yoga teacher trainee, has been certified by Lakshmi Voelker, who created Get Fit Where You Sit Chair Fitness when one of her students was stricken with arthritis and could no longer come to the floor to practice. Now differently abled students and students suffering from various physical ailments can get all the benefits of yoga in a slightly different way. No previous yoga or exercise experience is necessary. Benefits include: relaxation, flexibility, mental clarity, improved breathing, stress reduction, cardiovascular endurance, and strengthening and toning of muscles. PLEASE NOTE: There is special pricing for this weekly class: $12 for drop-in, and $70 for a 6-class pass, to be used for Chair Yoga only.

Yoga in the ParkIMG_1218 (2)

Emerald Yoga Studio’s popular summer yoga attraction! Sun salutations under the sun! Tree pose among the trees! This class will be held one morning a week at Herring Run in Pembroke in July and August. Directions: Turn right out of the Emerald Yoga parking lot. Go straight on Route 53 South for 1.5 miles. Bear right onto Route 14 West, and drive for .9 mile. Herring Run is on the right. Park, cross the little footbridge, and join the class! In the event of rain, class will be held in the studio! If you’re unsure where class will be, call 781-826-9624 after 8:45am and we’ll let you know.


Watch Us Grow Flow

Offered periodically throughout the year. All levels. All the awesomeness of a Flow class, but taught by one of our current Emerald Yoga Studio 200-Hour Yoga Teacher trainees! Come support these enthusiastic, evolving instructors. [Please note: Sometimes you will see senior instructors observing Watch Us Grow Flow classes and taking notes in order to fulfill the trainees’ certification requirements. They will be as discreet as possible.]


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