Helping people feel better in body and spirit.

What our yogis say:

“I came to yoga primarily to keep my sister company. I have found flexibility and strength I never knew I had! The classes are challenging yet fun. Jen keeps us focused on our practice and reminds us to breathe, all the while gently guiding us to moves we didn’t imagine we would ever do. I love this studio, the teachers and my fellow yogis. Peace.”  – Kathy S.


“I’ve tried yoga before and to be honest it didn’t impress me.  Once I came to Emerald Yoga and practiced … I was so hooked.  The atmosphere is friendly and caring and the yoga practice is about so much more than just your physical body.  I feel like a completely different person; I’m able to handle stress so much better, I’ve lost weight, I’m stronger, more energetic and more grateful in my everyday life.

The instructors are so down to earth.  Paula shares enlightening articles, Jennifer is amazing at ensuring that you have good form, Laura shares visualization techniques.  It’s such a comfortable, amazing place to learn and practice yoga at your own pace and within your own capabilities.  There are beginning to advanced classes and everything in between. You can work on your chakras, your techniques and your spirituality.  The occasional workshops are so informative and enriching too.  I just love Emerald Yoga Studio!!”

– Robyn B.


Student 6 edited“This is from the heart: I walked into Emerald Yoga with very little yoga experience; eighteen months later, I can hardly believe the changes in my body, my mind, and my spirit. Jen, the instructor/owner, has a love for yoga that is contagious! Her classes are fast-paced and demanding yet suitable for every level of practice. And, she has a great sense of humor. At Emerald Yoga, we grow stronger AND have fun.”  – Ruth B.


“I was a regular yogini in my 20s but found little time for my practice after having children in my 30s. I started experiencing severe back pain and couldn’t figure out what was causing it. I decided to go back to what I know and see if yoga would help. After the first few classes [at Emerald], my back pain subsided immediately and now, after 30 days, is completely gone. It’s amazing how much thoughtful movement can heal the body’s aches and pains. Taking just a little time out of your week for your practice is so good for both your body and mind — it really does save your life in so many ways! Emerald Yoga is a really great studio that makes yoga accessible and fun for everyone and is true to the yoga tradition. Jennifer’s style is laid back and insightful, allowing her students to do what feels good for them while not taking yourself too seriously. I’m really looking forward to re-establishing my regular yoga practice within the Emerald Yoga community!”  – Allicyn A.


“Emerald Yoga is a warm, welcoming, happy place. When I first enrolled I didn’t know anyone, but soon felt right at home. Jen and the other yoga instructors do an excellent job of teaching and directing in a gentle and supportive way so that each person gets the most from their practice. Their level of instruction has enabled me to take my practice further than I could have imagined. I never have to drag myself to class; rather, I can’t wait for the next class!”         – Liz Z.


“I love Emerald Yoga because of the diversified teachers and classes. Each instructor brings their own style and personality. I look forward to going to class knowing that I will feel renewal, both physically and mentally. Great location. Great people. Glad I initially signed up for 30-day intro and graduated to the Jewel member(ship).”  – Dottie B.


“Me likey.”  – L.F.


“I went to a number of places and felt most at home at Emerald. All of the teachers are different and present different levels of challenge and different styles. i have my favorites but have truly enjoyed them all and I am so very grateful. I am sure you hear this from many people, but it has really changed my life. I am eager to step up my yoga game a bit! Thanks for all you do to make Emerald such a healing, comforting resource for us!!”  – L.P.


“As a 40-something with a lot of stress in my life, I was looking for something for my mind as well as my body. I did the ‘On Demand’ things but felt I was missing something. I found Emerald Yoga. I thought I would just try the 30 Days for $30. I was amazed at how a never-before yoga person can attend any class and modify any pose. No one judges you; everyone is at his or her own speed. I felt welcome right away and all the instructors are top-notch!! I am now taking classes 3-4 times a week and absolutely love it!!”  – A.V.


“I love, love every teacher and every class I have ever taken at Emerald. Seriously!”  – Diane C.


“I have not felt this physically good and mentally calm in a long time. Love the classes and instructors at Emerald Yoga and what I am learning. So glad to welcome yoga back into my life. Namaste!”  – Beth D.


“Emerald Yoga has changed my life. Each instructor is passionate and truly dedicated to helping guide you through your own personal yoga journey. I have learned how personal yoga is to each individual; it is calming and restorative; it nourishes your mind and spirit as well as your body. Emerald Yoga is a wonderful place to find serenity, meet new people, and just have fun. It is evident that the instructors are authentic and teach from the heart. I look forward to the weekly sessions and feel a deeper sense of calm when I am done. I cannot imagine my life without yoga.” – Kristen G.


“Wowie, wowie … that was … good.” – “Sweet” Dee


Voluptuous Women class testimonials:

“I have been coming to the VW [Voluptuous Women] class for seven months. I am more flexible and able to do more in my everyday life. I am able to get down to the floor and get back up with greater ease.”  – Sue


“I have migraines … but I haven’t had one since coming to VW!”  – Happy Student


“I got up at 3am with a migraine. I did the yoga from the [VW] class, and the migraine went away.”  – Another Happy Student