Our Philosophy

We believe in yoga with heart.


What is Emerald Yoga? Or rather, who is Emerald Yoga?

  • Group students editedEmerald Yoga is the student who lifted into her first crow pose after more than a year of practice, and called, “Look, look, look!” as she hovered. Emerald Yoga are the students who applauded.  
  • Emerald Yoga are the yogis of all levels who crowd the Thanksgiving morning charity class, giving themselves peace and poses before the holiday rush.
  • Emerald Yoga is the student whose longtime chiropractor was amazed at the positive changes in her body.
  • Emerald Yoga is the teacher who soothes with aromatherapy, the teacher who rejoices on the grass in the summer sun, the teacher who leads by warm candlelight, and the teacher who tries to make the students laugh as they precariously balance on one foot.
  • Emerald Yoga are the students who gathered for 108 Sun Salutations and by round 75 had surrendered themselves to the sweat and the flow — to their yoga. They shed their outer selves, their resistance, and they emerged beautiful.

We are Emerald Yoga! We welcome you.