Our People

Dedicated to bringing fun & soul to yoga.


Laura Bete

Emerald senior instructor Laura began practicing yoga about 13 years ago and loved the increased strength, flexibility, and vibrance it offered. She became more and more fascinated by the indescribable feeling of connectedness she experienced at the end of each practice. She received her teaching certification from Open Doors studios and also holds a certification in teaching yoga for anxiety and depression. She says yoga is about stilling the mind and exploring the beautiful essence within, and looks forward to guiding you through your journey to strength and flexibility, groundedness, and stress reduction.





Debbie Blauss

EY Debbie BlaussEmerald senior instructor Debbie has been teaching yoga since 2000. She completed her yoga teacher training at Finding Inner Peace and has had additional training in Meridian Yoga. She is also a reflexologist and a Reiki master. And if you are looking for someplace to get a bite to eat after yoga practice or need to know a great place to buy cute yoga pants, ask Debbie — she’s been living in Pembroke for more than two decades.





Derrell McGrath

EY DerrellDerrell started yoga after a life tragedy and fell in love with the peace that yoga brought. She also discovered how the body gained space to move with grace. She earned her 200-hour yoga teacher certification at Sanctuary Yoga in Plymouth. Having had ballet training, Derrell found yoga to be a wonderful transition to her senior years and loves passing that experience on to others.



Eileen Letsche

She loves her Thursday night class! Bio to come


Heather Burpee-Armstrong

Our VW instructor! Bio to come


Ellen Perfetuo

Ellen PerfetuoEllen completed her RYT-200 training at Emerald Yoga Studio. What began as an immersion in learning as much as she could about yoga turned into a passion for teaching beginners and gentle restorative classes. She is also very into yin yoga and the benefits of holding poses for deeper flexibility and relaxation!





Kris Harris

Kris began performing as a dancer at age 5! She continued into adulthood studying classical ballet, advanced rhythm tap, ballroom dance, and theater. She is a member of the Screen Actors Guild, SAG-AFTRA, and has worked on more than 15 major motion pictures filmed in the Boston area. Kris is a certified Pilates instructor, ballet barre instructor, certified SYNC coach, safety certified cheer coach, and is currently enrolled in Emerald Yoga’s teacher training program. She is so excited to bring her deep love for the Pilates method to Emerald to enhance your practice!


Deirdre Couchon

Our Warrior Princess leader! Bio to come


Landen Stacy

landenstacyLanden, Emerald Yoga Studio’s intrepid and artistic admin AND Heavily Meditated leader, first explored yoga as a young child doing downward-facing dogs and meditations with Gaiam yoga videos instructed by Rodney Yee in the early ’90s. As he grew, so did his yearning for the feeling of unity between his mind and body. Landen is a graduate of the Emerald Yoga 200-hour teacher training program. He plans to show others his passion for self love and self acceptance through teaching. He is an enthusiastic artist who loves to design and create every chance he gets — you’ve seen his work on Emerald challenge posters, workbook covers, and fliers! He was nominated for every school art show from K-12 and he has received awards from North River Arts Society. Landen has moved 11 times in the past decade but currently resides in Pembroke.


Guest Stars:


Erin Florek

Erin FlorekErin began yoga as a way to cope with stress and anxiety, and immediately knew it was exactly what she needed in her life. The calm and peace she felt after every class was life-changing, and the strength she gained from yoga ultimately had her hooked! She decided she wanted to share this amazing feeling with everyone she could, and she earned her RYT-200 at Emerald Yoga Studio. Vinyasa flow classes are her passion, teaching others to move through flows with purpose and linking breath to movement, creating the mind/body connection. Erin has also worked as an occupational therapist since 2000. She has been able to apply her knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology to her classes as she works with her students to maintain proper alignment in poses and to prevent injury. She enjoys challenging her students to help them see their true potential.


Alicia Williams

Bio to come


Maggie MacDonald

Emerald Yoga MaggieMaggie, RYT-200, was a competitive athlete for many years. When she walked off her last cold soccer field and into her first vinyasa yoga class, she never looked back. Her life was a sphere of contestant yang energy: competition, traveling and running — lots of running. For Maggie, yoga was the perfect balance of yin to the yang. Her weekly practice became a daily one, and a daily one transformed into a lifestyle. She earned her certification through Emerald Yoga/Sacred Space Yoga School and is currently teaching a variety of yoga classes including gentle flows, power, and children’s yoga.  True to her athletic roots, her classes create harmony while challenging the body and calming the mind. Maggie believes that oftentimes the best way to burn through fire and negative energy is by moving powerfully and purposefully through a yoga practice. Maggie lives in Boston now, but if you want to experience Maggie’s yoga on the South Shore, only Emerald’s got her — for workshops!