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Love Your Buddha Belly

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I came across this piece in More magazine. Despite the fact they had multiple articles and advertisements in the rest of the magazine and on the website, I found this article to be right on target. Yoga helps you focus on your mind, and on the feel of your body, rather than your apppearance. The first step in this yoga journey, however, is to love the body you have. You don’t have to love every inch. Just focus on what you are proud of, like the fact that your body can now hold plank pose longer than ever, or you can stay in crow pose for just a second or two longer. Yoga also makes it easier not to perseverate in dissatisfaction with your body because on your mat, you are in the moment — and there is no space for you to concentrate on what you...

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Who wants to go tanning…?

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Tanners beware. I’m the guy who never thought it would be me. I wouldn’t wear sunscreen. I went tanning a few times when I was younger. Last year, I discovered a small cut on my temple that wouldn’t heal. I mentioned it to my doctor at my physical and he tried to freeze it off. It returned. I was referred to a dermatologist. He tried to perform a biopsy, but he didn’t take enough tissue for a conclusive analysis. So I waited—probably too long. But the spot that wouldn’t heal returned, and grew. It even bled once in a while. I went back to the dermatologist and I was told that it looked “very suspicious.” He did another biopsy, and I was told I had cancer. I made an appointment to remove it, and I got clue number one that it was more serious than I...

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