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I’m too sexy for my cat (pose)

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Heads turn when Mary walks into her yoga class. Her yoga togs are to die for: lululemon tank top, Lucy boot-cut yoga pants, a black cord necklace with a gold om symbol dangling with a raw-cut amethyst. Jane slips into class quietly and escapes notice in her cutoff shorts in faded green, an AC/DC tour shirt she stole from her husband’s dresser drawer, and a plastic headband she got at the dollar store. Both Mary and Jane step onto their mats, side by side, hands in anjali mudra, and begin their practice. Whose practice is more effective? Answer: Neither. That’s right, neither. That protesting scream you hear is the collective horror of expensive yoga wear manufacturers because they think they have us fooled. But they just don’t. It does not...

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“It’s been a while since my last Olympics…”

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Joe played football in college. But it’s been a lot of years since, and though Joe works hard, he hasn’t been exercising. He’s also gained 20 pounds. He decides it’s time to get his body back in shape, and his friends have told him yoga is a great way to do it. He comes to his first class and as he moves through the asanas, he finds himself in a competitive state of mind. Sure, it’s been years since the football field, he thinks, but shouldn’t he be able to keep up in a yoga class? He watches the most obviously advanced students, and tries to emulate their ease in different poses. Bad idea. The next day he’s stiff, his back hurts, he’s feeling a little tendonitis — in short, he’s not exactly feeling...

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